Our purpose

Helping brands shake up creativity and do things differently.
Shakes bkk is an award winning brand and Innovation consultancy with expertise in brand strategy, visual communication, user experience, and industrial Design. Our purpose is to help Asian businesses understand and perceive design and branding as not just another word for “logo” but as a business’s most valuable asset and the beating heart and soul of your responsible business strategy. Our mission is to help Asian businesses achieve their full potential by creating and launching the brands of the future.

Look to us as your map to your own brand exploration, your guide on a journey to challenge your limits, change the way things are, becoming involved with your environment and standing for something truly remarkable, positive and independent.

This is what drives us to focus our efforts and resources and be the best partner possible for our clients in the hope of creating a more positive place for all of us to live.

Our philosophy

We believe that brands by Design have the power to change the world. Good brands do it on a daily basis. But we believe that as a consultancy we are simply the catalyst for inspiration. We help you visualize your brand vision, from what it looks like, to how it feels like, and why it exists. Then we think about how to activate it in short, medium and long term, all in favour of achieving a unifying brand identity.

We also believe that successful brands have clarity on all levels. This is why all of our tools have a hands-down co-creation approach. From corporate branding to consumer brand reflection, we believe that the most prevailing ideas are created by the people that matter the most. We love involving employees, customers and users in interactive workshops, to develop ideas and support our thoughts. It makes the whole process a lot smarter, more engaging and less risky.

Our believe

Exciting brands and businesses that have worked with us to create a change.

Our Awards


1x Gold at International A’ Design Award

Chanwanich Immigration Terminal

2x Silver at International A’ Design Award

Chanwanich Immigration Terminal
SNF+ a-maze knife block

1x Good Design Award

SNF+ a-maze knife block

1x German Design Award Nominee

SNF+ a-maze knife block


1 Asian Regional Winner of BASF International

Car Seat Design competition