Project Description

V-Class Captain`s Chair

Design for a smart and safe premium seat

In 2014, Premium Automotive Alliance, the official body builder of Mercedes Benz Thailand commissioned us to design a premium captain’s seat for the newly launched Mercedes Benz V-Class following its existing seat design. The project’s challenge was to find a solution that allowed for maximum comfort whilst allowing passengers to pass front to back through the first row of two captain seats.

Client: PAA

Brand: Mercedes Benz

Type: Automotive

Year: 2014

Services: concept design, development, engineering, prototyping

We came up with a patented swivel-up armrest that creates an 18cm wide gap for passing through and still managed to add 8cm of seating breadth compared to the standard seat.

Shakes’ in-house engineering co-developed the seat frame and ensured M1 safety standard compliance.

The seat was presented and approved by Mercedes Benz in Stuttgart in 2016.