Project Description


Design For A Standout Toothbrush Identity

In 2018, we helped Mykie, a leading toothbrush manufacturer launch a new range of toothbrushes for their client Bysenster.

The project involved developing a unique design language for the Bysenster brand, a look and feel that could easily stand out amongst the sea of existing toothbrushes.

Client: Mykie

Brand: Bysenster

Type: Oral care

Year: 2019

Services: concept design, development, packaging

The studio dug deep and created three distinctive designs with focus on function and professional dental care. The adult range of ProSwirl and UtlraDense are strongly influenced by the thin and sleek design of dentist tools, resulting in a very refined yet well balanced handle. The toothbrushes also offer an extremely thin head thickness of 2.3mm for more comfort whilst brushing.

The kid’s toothbrush in comparison offers the exact opposite, a large and easy to hold handle for all children. The suction cup design and integration of visual elements in the product design make this kid’s toothbrush a playful companion in the bathroom.