Project Description

Caliber R2

Design for a Gaming Chair Identity

In 2019 Cooler Master approached us to design a distinct gaming chair identity based on existing factory ready models. With a tight budget and limited to fabric cuts, stitching lines and colour, shakes developed a strategy that enabled us to develop a new Cooler Master branded “inlet” that could be shared across the entire range of seats. We also convinced Cooler Master to create original reclining mechanism covers, since most chairs use identical off-the-shelf covers. These new elements presented an affordable solution to link all products as a family and celebrate an unmistakable original Cooler Master identity.

Client: Cooler Master Technology

Brand: Cooler Master

Type: Furniture

Year: 2019

Services: concept design, development, CMF, packaging, product shooting

With the application of the Cooler Master inlet, shakes created a flexible seat pattern design strategy that catered specifically to each chair’s form factor. All patterns feature one consistent element; a central cut that is inspired to Cooler Master’s most iconic PC Case “Cosmos”.