Project Description


Toothpaste packaging

2016 was a year of female empowerment across the globe, and our client wanted to make a change to traditional toothpaste values, and how it would play a role in the new lifestyle of young girls. The challenge was to match new attitudes with old problems and repackaging that in an attractive package.

Our brand strategy built upon the rebel archetype with the purpose to stand by all girls who live their life without holding back and the empowering to do all the things that could be judged indecent by a conservative Asian society. MaoMoy would become a symbol of girls tired of fitting into a box.

Our first toothpaste products addressed popular misconceptions about the “The Party Animal, The Sugar Addict and The Fashion B!#ch”.  Leading with the slogan “Toothpaste” attitude, we took every aspects of toothpaste design and put it on its head, making references to pop culture such as “hotline smile” or “uptown fresh”. We also create a sharable experience by turning our toothpaste tubes into real-life memes for selfies.

Unfortunately, the MaoMoy launch was severely compromised due to several external factors and never got its promised nationwide release. Regardless, as a project it became the studio’s fist passion project with everyone genuinely able to relate to the brand’s character, purpose, and message. Today MaoMoy is available through various online channels in China.

Client: Bua Siam Trading

Brand: Mao Moy

Type: Toothpaste

Year: 2016

Services: brand strategy, brand assets, brandbook, packaging, shooting