Project Description


Logitech Wireless Mouse

In 2012, shakes bkk collaborated with Cerebrum Design Taiwan to design a new Logitech mouse codenamed “Ibiza”, based on the existing M252 model but with added buttons and functions. With the ergonomics of the mouse pre-defined by the existing model’s contour, we were challenged to create a distinctive design differentiation and colour strategy from other Logitech models and competitors.

Client: Mykie

Brand: Bysenster

Type: Consumer Electronics

Year: 2013

Services: Concept design, development, CMF

Whilst computer mice were often shown at a three-quarter view that best highlighted the ergonomics, we argued that most users’ first impression would come from seeing the top of the mouse, due to the way of how mice were packaged and displayed in stores. Thus, our design strategy looked at transforming the top of the mouse with a focus on the new navigation buttons.

The final design delivered a strong contrast-based identity that highlighted the new navigation buttons and broke down the flatness of the rubber flanks with glossy contour lines to better communicate the ergonomics of the mouse from the top view. The navigation button design was carefully tested over multiple prototypes and provides the best clickable experience for longer or shorter thumbs with a strong “feelable” gap between the forward and backward buttons.

The M545 became Logitech’s bestselling mouse in Asia the following year and remains a popular choice today.