Project Description


Automated Immigration Fingerprint Scanner

In 2013, Chanwanich commissioned us to develop their Multi Biometric Acquisition System or in short M.B.A.S., an automated fingerprint scanner for immigration counters at airports. The project involved designing the outer body of the scanner and the integration of all its electronic components. At the time security measures were becoming more invasive and people naturally felt opposed to this change in their lives. We saw this as an opportunity to design a product that could ease this process and feel natural instead of intrusive or scary.

Client: Chanwanich


Type: Electronics

Year: 2013

Services: Concept design, development, engineering, prototyping

Our design strategy was inspired by a contrast of words, soft and sturdy, to strike a balance between rigid durability and friendly aesthetics. Complimented by an easy and friendly UX that would use life action teller instructions to guide users through the process, the M.B.A.S. housed a fully automated camera and screen movement to adjust to multiple user heights. This movement naturally led us to a design language with close similarities to today’s All-in-One PC systems, which had replaced the traditional home PC and posed a familiar image to users.

The project finished with a fully working prototype that later on became the base for further product developments and the origin of Chanwanich’s current biometric identification system installed at Airports.