Project Description


Ready to drink beverage

In 2017, Twin Lotus prepared to launch bird’s nest into the Chinese market, but the existing product packaging both print and bottles were below market expectations. Twin Lotus Bird’s Nest was in dire need for a new packaging identity.

Client: Bua Siam Trading

Brand: Twin Lotus Bird`s Nest

Type: Health & Beauty

Year: 2019

Services: Branding, packaging, packaging graphic, product shooting

Having previously finished the brand’s new assets and “Twin Birds” logo we quickly figured that the key element for the bird’s nest beverage identity wasn’t so much its label but its bottle. After several prototypes we came up with a beautiful bottle shape, inspired by traditional Asian vials, with a soft rounded body and a defined neck for easy holding and drinking.

The bottle is matched by a simple packaging identity that prioritizes the presentation of the new brand logo with complimentary gold processing on the brand mark for a high-quality finish.

Despite its higher price from competitors, Twin Lotus Bird’s Nest has become a best-selling brand in the Chinese online market, where customers have openly cherished its brand assets and packaging designs on social media.