Project Description


Award-winning knife block

In 2013, we worked with WIKO Cutlery, a leading manufacturer of knives and scissors for brands such as Zwilling and WMF, to design a knife block for their newly acquired brand Schneidteufel. With a market saturated by wooden blocks with limited storage and huge footprints our design strategy focussed on compactness, flexibility, and hygiene.

a-maze earned us our first international design awards, winning silver at the A Design Awards, Italy, Gold at the Good Design Awards, Chicago and a nomination at the German Design Awards in 2014.

Client: Wiko Cutlery

Brand: Schneidteufel

Type: Kitchen & house ware

Year: 2013

Services: Concept design, development, CMF, Packaging, product shooting

The a-maze knife block design stimulates our mental and visual senses, perfectly merging aesthetics, and functionality together to serve its purpose, it more importantly builds a connection with us that evokes childhood memories, curiosity, and joy.

The maze inspired storage slots emerged as a natural solution to storing multiple knife sizes on a very compact footprint. All knives are stored free hanging for better aeration and improved hygiene without trapped moisture. The patented construction is easily disassembled if the inside needs cleaning.