Brands are what people see, feel and ultimately trust. They require love, consideration, sacrifice and consistency.

The best way to grow a brand is like cultivating a tree, the deeper the roots, the stronger the values.  This requires both strategy and imagination. A good strategy will set your course of action, but imagination ensures a sense of relevance and creative problem solving along the way.

At shakes, we nurture your brand’s roots with creative content, we grow branches with compelling stories and raise fruits of our brand to be satisfying and desirable.

Come harvest we are ready to reap the advantages of our efforts, loyalty, attraction, premiums, and growth through word of mouth.

Alas a brand’s success requires long-term strategy, a focus of the larger picture at work, and the right understanding of the brand’s environment. With shakes as your creative partner, you will join a team of unique, motivated, and competitive designers, copywriters, and strategists to help your tree grow into the brand of your vision.


A main design capability that encompasses all industries, from computer mice to kitchen knives, shakes delivers change through design, pragmatically and always in dialogue with our clients.

Shakes’ industrial design is defined by our curiosity, perspectives, and dedication that we give to problem solving. Our process is strategy-lead but user-focussed and creates thoughtful and honest designs with narrative.

In-house engineering and experience with local and international manufacturers provide our clients with the right tools to navigate the complexity of turning ideas from sketch into exciting, functional, and realistic products.


Part of our visual communication and industrial design capability, shakes delivers understanding through design, engaging, impactful and brand orientated.

Shakes’ packaging is defined by our artistry, communication, and choice of materials all aimed at distinguishing a single moment of consideration.

Equipped with our in-house photography studio, we offer clients a wide range of packaging related services and cater to FMCG industries as well as traditional goods.


We operate our own in-house photography studio to streamline original content creation for packaging and media projects. We also work closely with leading production houses in Bangkok for large-scale productions such as Sota96.


Product photography
Portrait photography

Our purpose

Since our opening in 2012 shakes has always considered itself a creative partner to its clients with the purpose to work with Asian businesses and inspire change through design thinking and strategy. With our multi-facetted team, we help companies understand how design can be used as a winning asset in a competitive landscape. We love working with companies that are ready for the next step, ready to invest in their future through value driven decisions and believe in the potential of tomorrow.

This is what gets us out of bed every morning, knowing that our work and efforts fuel a positivity-driven future for users, businesses, and design.

Our philosophy

We believe that Design has the power to change the hearts and minds of people.

Our philosophy is to let design challenge the way we think, first through careful analysis and second through extensive prototype-led development.

We don’t work in a vacuum because we believe that the most prevailing ideas are created when people come together to share experiences. We love involving employees, customers, and users in interactive workshops, to develop ideas and support our thoughts. It makes the whole process a lot smarter, more engaging, and less risky.

Our commitment

Shakes’ commitment to its business is second to none. We are an agency that works hard at maintaining our creative partnerships with responsibility and reliability not just towards our clients but also our designers and the whole team.

Exciting brands and businesses that have worked with us to create a change.